Real Estate Development

Our focus is urban development projects in Arizona. We understand that every development project needs an experienced hand to guide it through its infancy. To nurture it, strengthen it, and maneuver it through the maze of entitlement and permitting.

Commercial Construction

Successful completion of construction projects requires the right people, the right approach and the right systems. Our experienced construction project managers have a proven ability to navigate the broad range of regulatory, technical, financial and schedule challenges.

Residential Construction

Freeman Built specializes in providing customers in the Phoenix metro area with the highest quality residential remodeling. We’re the contractor of choice for those who want the best, regardless of budget size.

Insurance Renovation

Freeman Built is serious when it comes to working with you: the insurance agents, adjusters and underwriter. We work with all insurance professionals the same way every time so there is no worry or guess work as to our service or work.

Property Preservation

Freeman Built is a licensed Commercial & Residential General Contractor and offers an array of services that protect and preserve our client’s collateral throughout the period of the foreclosure process or the sale of the property.

Rental Maintenance

We perform various maintenance duties on a regular basis. They will also keep a log to make sure this is done consistently. When routine maintenance is provided based on a schedule, it will make sure repairs and replacements are kept to a minimum.

REO Renovation & Capital Repairs

Freeman Built assists Banks, Investors, 3rd party Servicers and Government Agencies renovating and repairing homes that have gone into foreclosure. We do this by successfully completing existing projects or dwellings to a sellable or rentable condition.

Investor Renovations

Freeman Built is an industry leader in rehabilitation of distressed properties throughout the Southwest and Northwest United States. We have over 150 years of combined experience in residential and commercial construction.