Insurance Renovation & Repair

Residential Customers

We restore more than houses. We restore peace of mind.

For all of us, a home is not just where we live. It represents the fundamental strength of our families, communities and country. A home is a major investment and must be restored quickly for both peace of mind and financial stability.

At Freeman Built, we have seen and experienced first-hand the total disruption caused by a disaster to a home and priceless belongings.

We go the extra mile on your home restoration and rebuilding project. We secure your property and belongings to prevent further loss. We then move quickly and effectively to restore your property and your belongings.

We provide your estimates using the very latest in Xactimate® pricing and sketch. At the same time, we manage your insurance claim by working closely with your insurance company and adjuster so that you don’t have to spend your valuable time wading through the often confusing insurance claim process.

Commercial Customers

Unlike a home, a business or institution that is impacted with fire, wind, or water damage can suffer long-term repercussions. Closing of a business can have a crippling economic effect due to loss of work, wages, and customer base.  An institutional closing can severely hamper how a community services its people.

Freeman Built understands that every day your business is closed is a day of lost revenue. No business should have to wait too long to get back up and running.

Our goal is to minimize the interruption and loss of revenue to your business and employees. We prioritize commercial and institutional jobs so you can get your daily work schedule back on track as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As with residential losses, we will work closely with you and your insurance company and adjuster on the scope of work for each claim to ensure the mitigation of the claim goes smoothly.

Insurance Agents and Adjustors

Freeman Built is serious when it comes to working with you the insurance agents, adjusters and underwriter. We work with all insurance professionals the same way every time so there is no worry or guess work as to our service or work.

At Freeman Built we believe in Partnerships.

Freeman Built partners with insurance professionals by consistently providing the technical, documented, and professional support you need. Our Agents Program further promotes our philosophy. It is important for most insurance companies to win over and maintain their customers, and Freeman Built can help you do that. By recommending our company, we are committed to making sure that your insured experiences a positive claims experience.

This positive experience is created by our remediation procedures whereby we:

  • Brief policyholder and get signed authorization
  • Begin photo documentation and diagnostics
  • Set up containment of work area if necessary
  • Remove water into professional containment equipment
  • Remove all required contaminated materials
  • Removal of carpet and pad when required
  • Properly document and dispose of debris
  • Decontaminate all affected building surfaces
  • Monitor drying equipment daily using moisture measuring devices
  • Clean and sanitize work areas
  • Evaluate environmental safety
  • Clean up remaining debris leaving work area spotless until we return
  • Install air movers and LGR dehumidifiers
  • Establish and maintain balanced drying system
  • Brief property owner on what happens next

Freeman Built does not believe in a WIN/LOOSE philosophy between the underwriters and the restoration company. Our philosophy is to create a Win-Win scenario between all parties. This ensures both the health and safety of the property owner and it’s occupants, while at the same time delivering the property back to pre-loss condition while keeping the claim costs as reasonable as possible.

By Freeman Built’s reliance on the Standard of Care as set forth by the IICRC S-500 and S-520, we assist the insurance professional in that you will know how to judge the quality of our work. This creates trust in our partnership and you can feel confident that your policy holders are getting the ultimate benefit due to our sound practices. When you recommend Freeman Built, you are getting the work completed on time, with professionals, by the industry standard of care. This makes everyone look good and keeps your policy holders coming back to you year after year.