Investor Renovations

Freeman Built

Freeman Built is an industry leader in rehabilitation of distressed properties throughout the Southwest and Northwest United States. We have over 150 years of combined experience in residential and commercial construction. We have developed bottom lined pricing with national supply houses on material. Our clients enjoy a seamless experience from start to finish. With years of experience behind us we understand the importance of investor and regulatory guidelines, homeowner association (HOA), condo owner association (COA) and municipal codes and requirements.

We also execute every project quickly, efficiently and within the restraints of time and budget. We have extensive knowledge of the real estate markets, along with the understanding of key improvements needed to maximize net profits to the investor.

We have renovated over 1000 single-family homes for our clients and have built genuine relationships with our in house crews, contractors and laborers who provide services on each of our renovation projects. These relationships have developed into a network of companies and crews that are dedicated to providing the top quality service to Freeman Built’s clients and their properties. We have been able to provide consistent work for each of these crews, which allows for driving down the overall costs of pricing for the investor.

Why Freeman Built

By holding down the costs of renovations, but also maintaining high quality standards and extensive renovation lists, our service will help you maximize monthly cash flow while keeping your future maintenance costs low.

We hold our crews and vendors to a higher standard. We pride ourselves on how our properties are presented to potential tenants and home buyers, better looking properties with a cleaner appearance and higher levels of renovation lead to higher rental rates, longer occupancy per tenant and more profit in fix & flips.

Freeman Built will save you Money

Some big complaints heard from many investors are deferred maintenance and failure of other contractors not standing by the quality of their work. Our renovation team documents everything we do on our investor renovations. We keep track of improvements so you don’t have to. Our work crews and contract companies know that we also inspect every detail of the job. We have superintendents and Quality Assurance personal keeping an eye on every project. This constant inspection keeps every crew sharp and staying on schedule and within budget. Our attention to detail, providing the highest quality service while keeping costs for the investor to a minimum have resulted in a high level of customer satisfaction and a reduction in on-going maintenance for our Rental Property Maintenance Division.