Property Preservation & Maintenance

Freeman Built works throughout the Southwest and Northwest United States and it’s territories at a local level to help ensure the properties we manage are preserved and maintained in a manner that complies not only with investor and regulatory guidelines but also with homeowner association (HOA), condo owner association (COA) and municipal codes and requirements. Freeman Built is a licensed Commercial & Residential General Contractor and offers an array of services that protect and preserve our client’s collateral throughout the period of the foreclosure process or the sale of the property. Our services secure the property, remove any debris, and conduct regular as well as seasonally required maintenance. As with all our field service offerings, we maintain the highest levels of professionalism to help ensure compliance and minimize reputational risk.

Preservation and Maintenance options include:

  • Re-keying and secularization
  • Boarding to prevent vandalism or other risks to the property
  • Complete or partial board-ups as requested by client or as required by local authorities
  • Eviction lockouts
  • Personal property and debris removal with complete documentation and photographs
  • Initial janitorial and landscape services including clean-up, mow and trim
  • Winterization/de-winterization and snow removal as required,
  • Initial pool servicing or securing
  • Safety repairs, and ongoing, client specific maintenance
  • Vacant property registration


Once an asset is in trusted to us our primary goal is to protect and maintain the asset. We conduct a thorough inspection, confirm that the property is vacant and then change the exterior locks. Broken windows are boarded, doors are repaired or boarded, pools and other potential hazards are taken care of and the property is thoroughly secured in accordance with investor, insurer and client guidelines. Winterization is also performed if applicable and final reports are generated with supporting documentation, photos and details.

Initial Preservation

Once secure, the preservation and maintenance of the asset begins. At every step Freeman Built conducts the process with professionalism and a keen awareness of our client’s economic and reputational risk. Interior and exterior debris deemed to be hazardous is removed and any issues relating to HOA/COA and municipal code violations are rectified. Exterior debris is removed in accordance with client-approved requirements and dumped at a licensed facility. Interior debris is also removed and personal property is secured per investor and client guidelines until personal property eviction can take place.

Ongoing Maintenance

Once an asset is secured and initial preservation completed, Freeman Built conducts ongoing maintenance to preserve and protect the asset until it is sold. This includes the usual maintenance activities such as lawn maintenance and snow removal as well as client-directed inspections and non-routine maintenance. This may include pool maintenance, interior inspections of water heaters and HVAC Systems, and other maintenance issues that could damage or reduce the sales value of the asset. Our maintenance is performed with the goal of maintaining the highest value to the asset, preserving neighborhood aesthetics as well as our client’s image and reputation.

Property Inspections

Property inspections are a critical component of reducing the risk and loss severity on any asset. From vandalism and code compliance to maximizing sales prices and rental rates, Freeman Built helps mortgage servicers; Banks, investors and Municipalities to identify and resolve issues earlier in the process by supplying a thorough occupancy report. This helps to reduce the expense, time and difficulty of repair while helping to minimize loss or maximize return.

Freeman Built offers a variety of inspection options to meet client-specific challenges with solutions that address issues at a regional, local and neighborhood level.

Inspection/Verification options for property condition reports include:

  • Residential property inspections
  • Commercial property inspections
  • Construction compliance inspections
  • Home improvement inspections
  • Occupancy / name verification
  • Bankruptcy inspections