Real Estate Development Services

West Sun Development Services, a Freeman Built Company

Our focus is urban development projects in Arizona. We understand that every development project needs an experienced hand to guide it through its infancy. To nurture it, strengthen it, and maneuver it through the maze of entitlement and permitting. Then return it to you intact and exponentially greater in value.

When it comes to planning your project through the critical stages of planning and approval, nobody envisions your vision like West Sun Development. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of the development design and approvals process ensure that our projects are completed on-time and within budget.

  • We manage all aspects of the pre-construction and development process
  • Due diligence / preliminary site evaluation
  • Land planning, entitlement and zoning
  • Development management / design team coordination
  • Boundary and subdivision platting
  • Utility company coordination
  • Project scheduling and soft cost budgeting

Site Evaluation

West Sun Development is your go-to partner during the due diligence and preliminary site evaluation process. We provide the answers you need to make informed decisions about your project. Feasibility studies such as traffic and drainage analyses and environmental assessments. Determination of maximum development potential based on code provisions and site constraints. Identification of potential pitfalls that may increase project risk and development of strategies for overcoming obstacles. Development of comprehensive pre-construction and development project schedules. Preparation of soft development cost budgets and expenditure forecasts during pre-construction and development process.

Land Entitlement

Leveraging our uncommon understanding of the entire development and permitting process, we identify the path of least resistance for every project. We anticipate the obstacles and prepare for contingencies – never hesitating to recommend non-conventional solutions to satisfy regulations and overcome objections. West Sun Development has key development and land planning professionals that directly handle several key aspects of the land entitlement process: zoning and site plan approval applications, future land use, amendments, variance, special exception and conditional use approvals, easement abandonments, developmental order amendments, time extensions. Utilizing our vast knowledge of the complete development process, West Sun Development is able to more effectively process land entitlement and zoning applications than anyone else in the industry. Our comprehensive experience results in less back-and-forth with governmental agencies and increased communication among design team professionals. The net result: Time and money saved.

Development Project Management

We are advocates for your project, we assemble the people behind the process. Soliciting proposals from professionals required for your project, we screen and recommend the most appropriate consultants, adding our network of engineers, architects and designers to your own. Once assembled, we coordinate and manage the team’s efforts, while ensuring that budgets are aligned and deadlines are met. Communication is the key to success, so we make sure the lines are open to manage all design modifications as dictated by the permitting and approvals process. We keep everyone accountable and in the loop through regular team meetings and by constantly monitoring and tracking pending approvals, continually advising our clients of progress along the way. We work proactively to protect your investment. We perform contract management, reviewing and tracking all consultant invoices and pre-approving invoices for payment. We review all plans and materials prepared by the team and we suggest ways to trim costs and maximize profits. In addition to managing the team and quarterbacking the design and approvals process, our development professionals take care of all ancillary requirements:

  • Water and sewer capacity reservations
  • Utility connections and abandonments
  • Development agreements
  • Property Owner Association documents
  • Unity of Title documents
  • Boundary and subdivision plat approvals

Construction Permitting

As an extension to our core business, West Sun Development coordinates the construction permitting process on behalf of our clients. Almost by default, once we complete the land entitlement and development permitting phase, our firm is often in the best position to transition your project through construction permitting and into construction commencement. We maintain solid relationships with officials and staff of numerous county and municipal building departments. Our knowledge of the construction permitting process streamlines the acquisition of permits by ensuring that proper documentation is filed, tracking and expediting permit reviews, and managing the process of responding to comments quickly and effectively.