Rental Maintenance & Repair

Freeman Built’s “Rental Turn Division” provides a variety of repairs and maintenance responsibilities to institutional investors & property managers. Our maintenance personnel stay on task to make sure Rental Homes or condo complexes remains in good condition by performing the necessary repairs and upkeep. We have an in house Plumbing, heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), Company (Comfort Pro’s)which makes us more marketable to our investors & property managers when they are searching for a Service provider. Our Maintenance team takes pride in making prospective tenants feel like their new rental appears to be brand new or newly renovated.


Our Rental Home maintenance personnel make sure that all necessary repairs are taken care of such as broken windows, carpet repair and installation, door repair, and screen repair. Sometimes they have to repair holes that have been put in walls, our personnelhas the knowledge of using plaster and drywall. ARental Home will also need to have kitchen cabinets replaced or repaired periodically.


We provide Rental Homemaintenance service duties that pertain to plumbing. Sometimes toilets will overflow and need to be unstopped. Once in a while a toilet will need to be replaced altogether. A hot water tank will malfunction from time to time and should be repaired or replaced. Faucets wear out and also need repairs to stop the leaks or they need to be replaced altogether.

Electrical Units HVAC

There are a number of electrical things that need maintenance and repair within aRental Home. Periodically an electrical socket will need to be installed or repaired. Our Maintenance repair personalhave the ability to perform functions pertaining to electrical items such as engines and motors and generators. The electrical unit and other systems will periodically need maintenance to make sure they operate and perform to standards.

Routine Maintenance

Our Rental maintenance personal will perform various maintenance duties on a regular basis. They will also keep a log to make sure this is done consistently. When routine maintenance is provided based on a schedule, it will make sure repairs and replacements are kept to a minimum. This is a preventive service that helps aRental save money by avoiding unnecessary repairs. We provideweekly, monthly and quarterly maintenance depending on the equipment. Doing routine tune up’s on air conditioning and heating systems will prolong the life of the unit. We recommend changing out filters once a month and doing tune-ups and cleaning the coils every six months.

Miscellaneous Duties

Some Rentals require personnel to cut the grass, maintain shrubbery, remove snow, sweep parking lots and driveways, wax floors, sweep floors, strip floors and wash windows. Periodically a roof will need new shingles and other times the entire roof will need to be replaced. Once in a while a housing unit will need to be painted. Our employees know how to paint inside and outside and are able to distinguish between the types of paint needed.

Flexible Schedule

Our Maintenance employees adhere to a flexible work schedule. Around-the-clock service needs to be provided on a regular basis by our maintenance personnel, our personal are on call 24 hours a day and seven days per week. We use a rotating schedule to make sure emergency service is provided to all tenants.

Move-In Maintenance

When someone moves out of an apartment, ourrental turn crews go in and clean, repair, and install the necessary components that will make the Rental Home unit appealing and appeasing to new tenants. Most of the times carpet needs to be shampooed, and the entire unit must be cleaned so that it appears to be brand new to a prospective tenant.